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The 'SENTINEL' range of UAVs.
After successfully developing a UAV for a client, Fibreflight Ltd. is
developing a family of UAVs for both civilian and military applications.
The 'Sentinel' family of UAVs are electric (brushless) powered flying wings of between 1.5m and 2.4m in wingspan with max launch weights of up to 6kg and flight durations of approximately one hour.
All Sentinels are capable of full autonomous flight from launch to
recovery. The smaller designs can be hand launched and all sizes
disassemble to allow convenient transportation.   


Technical services.
With extensive experience of the construction and
flight - testing of composite construction small scale aircraft,
Fibreflight Ltd. can offer a range of services to companies operating
in the UAV industry. These services include aerodynamic design, model / pattern making, composite manufacturing, systems integration and flight - testing.

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